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One Solution to Resource Limitations: Using Probation Officers as Psycho-Educational Group Leaders (From Managing Adult Sex Offenders: A Containment Approach, P 17.1-17.12, 1996, Kim English, Suzanne Pullen, and Linda Jones, eds. - See NCJ-162392)

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The probation department in Beaumont, Texas is using trained probation officers to deliver a psychoeducational program to sex offenders under the clinical supervision of the psychologist who trained the officers.
Telephone interviews conducted as part of NIJ-sponsored research on the management of sex offenders in the community revealed that the lack of adequate treatment services is a major obstacle to the management of these offenders in community settings. Field interviews suggested that this resource problem generally took two forms: the absence of treatment services in some communities, especially rural communities, or the unwillingness or inability of treatment providers to provide services regarded as adequate by correctional personnel. Texas psychologist Ray Coxe collaborated with the local probation agency to train and supervise probation officers, who conduct the program. The program's six modules focus on (1) denial, (2) behavior management, (3) victim sensitivity, (4) relapse prevention, (5) social skill development, and (6) aftercare. Footnotes and 11 references

Date Published: January 1, 1996