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Police Science: Toward a New Paradigm

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January 2011
24 pages

This paper outlines a proposal for a new paradigm that changes the relationship between science and policing.


This study indicates that a radical reformation of the role of science in policing will be necessary if policing is to become an arena of evidence-based policies. The advancement of science in policing is essential if police are to retain public support and legitimacy, cope with recessionary budget reductions, and if the policing industry is to alleviate the problems that have occurred before evidence-based policy. It also calls for universities to become active participants in the everyday world of police practice, and for a shift in ownership of police science from the universities to police agencies. Such ownership would facilitate the implementation of evidence-based practices and policies in policing, change the fundamental relationship between research and practice, and increase the prestige and credibility of police science in the universities. It is suggested that bringing the universities into police centers and having the police take ownership of police science will improve policing and ensure its survival in a competitive world of provision of public services. Endnotes and references

Date Published: January 1, 2011