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Police Vehicle Evaluation Model Year 2006

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Date Published
October 2005
97 pages

The Michigan State Police Vehicle Test Team presents the results of the 2006 model year Police Vehicle Evaluation.


The team tested the following vehicles in the "police category": Ford Police Interceptor (3.27:1); Ford Police Interceptor (3.55:1); Chevrolet Impala 9C1; Chevrolet Tahoe PPV 2WD E85; Chevrolet Tahoe PPV 2WD; Dodge Charger 3.5L; Dodge Charger 5.7L; Dodge Magnum 3.5L; and Dodge Magnum 5.7L. The following vehicles were tested in the "special service category" (not suitable for high speed, pursuit, or emergency driving): Ford Explorer, Ford Expedition, Chevrolet Tahoe 4WD, and Dodge Magnum. Regarding use of the test information, the report advises that it is not an endorsement of products, but a means of providing agencies information on the vehicles available for police work. The report first lists the test equipment used during the acceleration, top speed, braking, and vehicle dynamics portions of the evaluation program. This is followed by test vehicle descriptions, including photographs. The section on vehicle dynamics testing explains the test objective and methodology and presents the test facility diagram, test data, and a comparison chart for the tested vehicles. The section on acceleration, top speed, and brake testing provides the same type of information. The section on ergonomics and communication reports on each test vehicle's ability to provide a suitable environment for the patrol officer in the performance of his/her tasks, as well as to accommodate the required communications and emergency warning equipment, including an assessment of the relative difficulty of such installations. Testing methodology, data, and a comparison chart are provided. The same type of information is provided for each vehicle's fuel economy. Other information presented in the report addresses scoring and bid adjustment methodology, performance comparison of 2005-2006 test vehicles, and the performance of special service package vehicles. Tables, figures, and appendixes

Date Published: October 1, 2005