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Presale Handgun Checks, 1997

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June 1998
7 pages
D. A. Manson; D. K. Gilliard
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Data obtained from a sample of 268 chief law enforcement officers charged with determining eligibility to purchase a handgun showed about 69,000 out of an estimated 2,574,000 applications for the purchase of a handgun were rejected in 1997 due to presale background checks of potential purchasers.
About 62 percent of rejections were for a prior felony conviction or a current felony indictment. Domestic violence misdemeanor convictions accounted for over 9 percent of rejections, while domestic violence protection orders accounted for 2 percent of rejections. In the 46 months from the inception of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act to the end of 1997, an estimated 10,356,000 applications for handgun purchases resulted in 242,000 rejections through background checks. After November 1998, presale background checks will be required for sales of all firearms, not just handguns. Background checks will be made through the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Criminal Background Check System. 5 tables and 1 figure
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