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Prescription Drug Monitoring Program: Delaware State Profile (2021)

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The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Training and Technical Assistance Center (PDMP TTAC) reports 2020 data and 2021 features of the Delaware State PDMP.



Delaware’s PDMP name is Delaware PMP, which is managed by the Division of Professional Regulation, Office of Controlled Substances. Website URLs are provided for the PDMP and the websites for enrollment and query. Contact information is provided for the PMP Administrator and the OCS Director. For 2020, the state population was 990,837, and there were 6,128 DEA-registered prescribers and 216 DEA-registered dispensers. There are 16 types of PDMP available reports. PDMP funding for 2021 is from controlled substance registration fees, a CDC grant, and other unspecified sources. Staff for 2021 consists of one employee for operations and one for analytical/epidemiological tasks. Regarding data on PDMP policies and procedures, key dates for the development of various program components are provided, along with access information for relevant statutes and rules related to the PDMP. Eight miscellaneous capabilities and policies are noted. No data-retention policy is indicated.  No information is provided for PDMP available or required training for PDMP use. Law enforcement requirements for PDMP access are an active investigation or proper need/upon request. The method of access is a written request. No information is provided on the criteria to query PDMP. Enrollment in PDMP is required for prescribers, and there is a compliance process for enrollment mandates. Prescribers and dispensers are required to use the PDMP, and there is a compliance process for use mandates. Veterinarians are exempted from enrollment as data requesters, and they are not permitted by statute/rule/policy to query the PDMP. Data monitored or accessible includes Schedules II-V, with authority to monitor other substances. Data are monitored on naloxone/narcan administrations and fatal/non-fatal overdoses. Information is included on technological capabilities and reports authorized and produced.

Date Published: January 1, 2021