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Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods

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March 1997
123 pages

The Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods is a major longitudinal study that aims to determine how individual personalities, family relationships, school factors, and the type of community interact to contribute to juvenile delinquency and criminal behavior.


The project is unique in both size and scope. It aims to generate informed recommendations for crime prevention and intervention strategies. The research combines two studies into a single, comprehensive design. The first is an intensive study of the social, economic, organizational, political, and cultural structures of neighborhoods, as well as the dynamic changes that take place within these structures. The second study will follow 7,000 randomly selected children, adolescents, and young adults and will examine the changing circumstances of their lives as well as the personal characteristics that may lead them toward or away from a variety of antisocial behaviors. The project's main interests are violent crime and drug abuse, but the research also encompasses the many forms of property crime. Figures, checklists, and chapter reference lists

Date Published: March 1, 1997