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Prosecutorial Diversion Literature Review - Bibliography

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Date Published
September 2020
12 pages
Topics covered in the literature of this 30-item annotated bibliography focus on prosecutorial diversion practices, which can occur either before the charges are filed with the court and/or after the court process has begun but before disposition.
The cited goals of prosecutorial-led diversion are to increase the efficiency of court case processing by reducing docket pressure and court and jail expenses; prioritizing prosecutorial resources for more serious cases; avoiding further contributions to over-incarceration; addressing the offender's need and improve outcomes by diversion to treatment; and avoiding adverse socioeconomic consequences of a formal conviction. The bibliography encompasses the background, history, goals and objectives, research findings, and implications of prosecutorial-led diversion. Types of publications include law reviews, peer-reviewed publications, and technical reports. Types of prosecutorial-led diversion discussed in the bibliography include drug treatment alternatives to incarceration, mental health programs, programs focused on juvenile offenders, deferred or non-prosecution agreements in federal financial crime cases, immigrant or undocumented defendants, and substance abuse, Several of the listings discuss stakeholder buy-in as critical for the success of a diversion practice.

Date Published: September 1, 2020