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PSP Case Studies - St. Louis, Missouri

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This case study reports on ways in which St. Louis, Missouri, improved its effectiveness in countering violent crime through its participation in the U.S. Justice Department's National Public Safety Partnership (PSP), which assists participating cities in addressing the challenges of violent crime by facilitating the development of data-driven, evidence-based strategies tailored to each city's local needs.
St. Louis was ranked first on the Most Dangerous City list released in 2016 and 2018, based on Uniform Crime Data reported by the FBI. In March of 2016, St. Louis responded to an invitation to participate in PSP. As a direct result of its participation in the PSP model for countering violent crime, St. Louis has made significant progress in building its capacity to address and prevent violence. The most effective PSP initiatives developed under the guidance and resources of PSP were the development of a Crime Gun Intelligence Center (CGIC), the creation of a Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board, and the formation of Non-Fatal shooting Investigation Teams in the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (SLMPD). St. Louis improved its investigations of violent crime by establishing a multijurisdictional task force that addresses the escalating car-jacking problem in the city. These initiatives have been facilitated by a partnership of eight local and federal criminal justice agencies. This case study provides summary descriptions of the St. Louis Crime Intelligence Center, the Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board, Non-Fatal Shooting Investigation Teams, violent crime reduction efforts, and the strategic alignment of initiatives.

Date Published: January 1, 2020