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Public Safety Officers' Educational Assistance (PSOEA) Program FAQs

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Date Published
January 2024
3 pages

This document provides insights into some frequently asked questions regarding the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s program for Public Safety Officers’ Educational Assistance.


This brief document provides answers to a number of concerns that applicants to the Public Safety Officers' Educational Assistance (PSOEA) Program may have. Some questions answered here include: whom to contact with questions about the PSOEA education benefit application; when to apply for education benefits, and required documentation; whether military veterans can receive extensions on the age of eligibility; and how to determine which institutions of higher education are eligible for the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits (BSOB) Program. The document also answers questions regarding time limits to use the education benefit, grade point average requirements, how the eligibility benefit amount is calculated, how long it takes to process an education claim, how to receive benefit payments, and what the current reimbursement rate is.

Date Published: January 1, 2024