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Pyrosequencing: Current forensic methodology and future applications-a review

NCJ Number
Electrophoresis Volume: Online Dated: September 2022
Date Published
September 2022

This review explains the pyrosequencing workflow and illustrates the step-by-step chemistry, followed by a description of the assay design and factors to keep in mind for an exemplary assay.


The recent development of small, single-amplicon-based benchtop systems for pyrosequencing has opened up a host of novel procedures for applications in forensic science. Pyrosequencing is a sequencing by synthesis technique, based on chemiluminescent inorganic pyrophosphate detection. Existing and potential forensic applications are highlighted using this technology. Current applications include identifying species, identifying bodily fluids, and determining smoking status. We also review progress in potential applications for the future, including research on distinguishing monozygotic twins, detecting alcohol and drug abuse, and other phenotypic characteristics such as diet and body mass index. Overall, the versatility of the pyrosequencing technologies renders it a useful tool in forensic genomics. (Publisher abstract provided)


Date Published: September 1, 2022