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Research at the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security, 2001-2005 (A Collection of Research Abstracts)

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Date Published
January 2006
68 pages

This report presents a collection of criminal justice and criminology-related research abstracts (summaries) from the Republic of Slovenia.


Research abstracts are divided into the following categories: police studies, criminological studies, security and safety studies, legal studies, economic studies, and other studies. The first section on police studies presents abstracts on predicting the quality of memory recall and personality traits; the attitudes of property offense victims towards police procedures; the influence of managers on the efficiency of the police organizations; and an analysis of the disciplinary measures in the Slovenian police organization. The second section presents abstracts from criminological research focused on the anticorruption standards for transition economies; the Slovenian response to organized crime; safety and crime prevention collaborations in local communities; and on young women’s sexual abuse in Germany and Slovenia. The abstracts in the third section focus on security and safety issues, including research on the ability of parliament security to handle current security threats and risks in modern countries; the dilemmas involved with defining criminal justice and security studies in Slovenia; young people’s perceptions of private security in Slovenia; and the role of formal and informal actors in national security policymaking in Slovenia. The fourth section contains research abstracts on the topic of legal studies, covering such issues as positive discrimination; the impact of the European Union law on the Slovenian tax-law system; and on the legal-economic position of the Republic of Slovenia as a European Union member state. The fifth section focuses on economic research and includes abstracts on the distribution of the tax burden and on production efficiency. The two “other studies” presented in the sixth section focus on learning styles and morphological research on the effect of sports programs. International publications (2001-2005), index of authors

Date Published: January 1, 2006