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Sheriffs' Offices, 2016: Personnel

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Date Published
October 2019
18 pages
Connor Brooks
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Statistics, Report (Technical Assistance), Report (Annual/Periodic)
This report presents statistics on full-time employees in U.S. sheriffs' offices for the period 1997-2016 and compares them with full-time sworn officers in general-purpose law enforcement agencies.
Sheriffs' offices employed about 173,000 full-time sworn officers in 2016. Approximately 52 percent (about 165,00 out of 360,000) of all full-time staff in sheriffs' offices were limited-sworn or civilian employees. The number of full-time limited sworn or civilian employees in sheriffs' offices increased 20 percent from 2003 to 2016, and the number of full-time sworn officers was about the same in both years. Fifty-five percent of sheriffs' offices employed less than 25 full-time sworn officers. Nearly 4 percent of sheriffs' offices had the equivalent of 250 or more full-time sworn officers in 2016, and those offices employed 47 percent of all full-time sworn sheriffs' officers nationwide. About 1 in 7 sheriffs' officers and about 1 in 8 first-line supervisors were female. About 1 in 5 sheriffs' officers and about 1 in 6 first-line supervisors were Black or Hispanic. An estimated 4 percent of full-time sworn sheriffs' officers (6,000) served as school resource officers. 30 tables and 2 figures
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