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Special Condition Number Six and Analysis of Net Widening per Special Condition Number Twenty-One: Final Progress Report

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This report describes developments in the implementation of the Tri-Counties Boot Camp (California), as well as evaluation results.
The Tri-Counties Boot Camp formally opened for operation on October 13, 1997. It is a joint project of Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo Counties. The Vocational Educational Building was opened on January 26, 1998, thus completing the construction phase of the grant project. The boot camp is currently fully staffed and has consistently maintained a maximum ward population of 40. Enhanced programming includes mandatory conflict-resolution and violence-intervention classes, classes on parenting and responsibility, multiple 12-step meetings, mental health therapy, and a vocational program. Work crews continue to provide assigned work projects 5 days per week. Aftercare planning and programming for graduates has been well implemented by the partner counties. Of the 56 wards who have successfully graduated from the boot camp since January 1998, 22 have recidivated (39.3 percent). Preliminary evaluation shows positive performance in successful graduation rates, the average length of commitment, academic achievement, and family reunification. Those who have entered the boot camp were transferred or rehoused from detained status, thus there has been no "net-widening." Data are provided on the operating budget.

Date Published: January 1, 1998