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State Court Processing of Domestic Violence Cases

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February 2008
8 pages
Erica L. Smith; Matthew R. Durose; Patrick A. Langan Ph.D.
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This study examines the processing of domestic violence (DV) and nondomestic violence (non-DV) cases filed in May 2002 in 15 large urban counties.
The study compares the domestic and nondomestic offenses of sexual and aggravated assault on 11 prosecution, conviction, and sentencing outcome measures. Data are also presented regarding court issued protection orders, guilty plea versus trial convictions, and the demographic characteristics of domestic violence defendants. Highlights include the following: A third of violent felony defendants were charged with domestic violence; prosecuted domestic sexual assault defendants had a higher overall conviction rate (98 percent) than prosecuted nondomestic sexual assault defendants (87 percent); and domestic aggravated assault defendants (54 percent) were less likely to be granted pretrial release than nondomestic aggravated assault defendants (62 percent). 11 tables
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