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Statewide Drug Court Certification Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Establishing a Statewide Drug Court Certification Program

NCJ Number
Date Published
January 2023
108 pages

This toolkit was designed for stakeholders including statewide coordinators, members of the judiciary, and other drug court leaders, in order to help them develop or enhance a current drug court certification program; it aims to teach users how drug courts can work to hold themselves accountable to best practice standards through a certification program.


This toolkit provides a step-by-step guidance on how to implement or enhance a drug court certification program. It was designed with the idea of helping stakeholders to achieve optimal outcomes through adherence to best practices and by maintaining fidelity to the established, evidence-based drug court model. The toolkit aims to offer guidance and assistance to people who are interested in creating an adult drug court certification process for their state; the recommendations provided in the toolkit are based on lessons learned from others who have created and implemented a statewide certification process. The toolkit guides users through pre-implementation, development, post-certification, and implementation; it also provides additional, optional steps such as peer reviews or site visits. Appendix A provides a case study on Colorado’s problem-solving court accreditation program; and Appendix B provides a case study on Georgia’s adult felony drug court certification process.

Date Published: January 1, 2023