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Study protocol paper for the multisite randomized controlled trial of comprehensive trauma informed reentry services for moderate to high-risk young males releasing from state prisons

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June 2022

The current study fills an important gap by implementing an evidence-driven trauma intervention with young, incarcerated men and extending treatment post-release in the community.


This study evaluates the impact of the Resiliency in Stressful Experiences (RISE) program for 18–35-year-old incarcerated males releasing to participating counties. RISE is a multi-phased comprehensive trauma-based reentry program designed according to the transitional nature of reentry. The researchers will assess the influence of RISE on post-release housing and employment stability and recidivism and identify key mechanisms of change. Participants (n = 400) are randomly assigned 1:1 to RISE or a Treatment as Usual control group. This study will provide critical information about how trauma-informed reentry programming impacts traditional reentry outcomes (e.g., recidivism, housing, employment) and identify key mechanisms of action (e.g., reduced impulsivity and aggression). Coping with trauma symptomatology is a largely untapped area of scientific inquiry for criminal justice-involved populations, despite the significant role trauma plays in individuals' lives. Results advance identification of critical components of trauma-informed reentry interventions for moderate- to high-risk young men. This study provides critical data to support policymakers and corrections professionals eager for innovative approaches to improve post-release outcomes. (Publisher abstract provided)

Date Published: June 1, 2022