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Substance Abuse and Treatment of Adults on Probation, 1995

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Date Published
March 1998
15 pages
C J Mumola; T P Bonczar
Publication Series
This 1995 Survey of Adults on Probation (SAP) found nearly 70 percent of probationers reported past drug use, 32 percent said they used illegal drugs in the month before their offense, and 14 percent were on drugs when they committed their offense.
The SAP was comprised of two components, a review of probationer administrative records and personal interviews with probationers conducted between February and September 1995 by the Bureau of the Census. The survey sample was drawn from 2,627 State, county, and municipal probation agencies with a total of 2,618,132 formally sentenced probationers; 4,703 probationers were selected for personal interviews and 2,030 personal interviews were completed. Survey findings showed over two-thirds of probationers used drugs in the past and nearly one-third reported use in the month before their current offense. One-third of probationers reported a prior binge drinking experience, 25 percent exhibited indicators of past alcohol dependence or abuse, and 20 percent were on probation for a driving while intoxicated offense. About two-thirds of probationers were characterized as alcohol- or drug-involved offenders. Among probationers who said they used drugs in the month before their offense, 42 percent received drug treatment on their current sentence. Nearly a third received outpatient care, and 25 percent participated in a self- help group. Nearly two-thirds of probationers who said they were under the influence of alcohol during the offense had been treated for alcohol abuse while on probation and half had participated in Alcoholics Anonymous. Half of probationers said they had been tested for drug use while on probation. The survey methodology is described in an appendix. 26 tables

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