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Summary of State Sex Offender Registries: Automation and Operation, 1998

NCJ Number
Date Published
August 1999
112 pages
Virginia B. Baldau
This report summarizes state sex offender registries, their automation and operation as of 1998.
Each State Summary presents information on the agency or agencies responsible for the management and operation of the sex offender registry, on registry legislation and registration requirements, on the level of automation of the registry database and its digital storage and transmission capabilities and summary data on registry operation and dissemination practices. Summary findings include: (1) Extent of Centralized Sex Offender Registries; (2) Participation in the FBI’s Interim Sex Offender Registry; (3) Organizational Location; (4) Size of the Sex Offender Registries; (5) Level of Registry Automation; (6) Initial Registration and Reregistration; and (7) Dissemination of Registry Information. The report suggests that research could be useful in the following areas: descriptive statistics on who is in the registries; similar statistics on offenders mandated to register but not in the registry; analyses of compliance rates with both annual and 90-day reregistration and address verification requirements; case studies of techniques being developed to respond to noncompliance, including the use of emerging “noncompliance enforcement units”; and analyses of the procedures, time and costs involved in various approaches to conducting offender risk assessments. Appendixes

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