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System Streamlines Managing TV and Training in Jail

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August 2012
2 pages
This article examines how correctional facilities can use television to modify inmate behavior.

An Oregon county jail has tapped into technology that allows administrators to easily manage inmate television viewing, provide information and training to inmates, and present training to staff as well. This new system that correctional facilities can potentially use to modify and reward inmate behavior and keep inmates connected to the outside world, allow deputies to make the channel selection from a Web browser anywhere in the building. This eliminates the need for the remote to be in inmates' hands. If the inmates have the remote, they can continue to select channels, but scheduled or unscheduled programming of the administration's choice will override in cases where it is deemed necessary, again done from a Web interface. Inmates can control the cable channel choice when given that ability; the rest of the time media is selected for them for very specific reasons, such as self-help videos or announcements from staff.

Date Published: August 1, 2012