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TECHBeat, July/August 2018

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August 2018
10 pages
Feature articles in this issue address the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence's (FTCoE's) successes in promoting new products and developments, the use of shotguns as less-lethal weapons, the Justice Technology Information Center's (JTIC's) expanded resources on unmanned aircraft systems, and the National Institute of Justice's (NIJ's) marking of 50 years of helping the criminal justice community.
"FTCoE Success Stories Promote New Products and Developments" profiles the FTCoE's "Success Story" series during 2018. This series uses a two-page format to highlight NIJ-funded research that has impacted the forensics and law enforcement community. "Using Shotguns as Less-Lethal Weapons" describes how one police department transitioned from the daily use of shotguns to patrol rifles, repurposing their shotguns for use solely to discharge less-lethal rounds. "JTIC Launches Expanded Resources on Unmanned Aircraft Systems" announces that JTIC has added to JUSTNET an expanded subsite on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), which addresses ways to use and challenges to be resolved in these systems. "NIJ Marks 50 Years of Helping the Criminal Justice Community" summarizes the features and content of an in-person and online event in which two former NIJ directors and two practitioners engaged in a panel discussion on NIJ's 50th Anniversary as part of NIJ's webinar series on Research for the Real World. The panel reviewed the many ways in which NIJ's funding and support for state and local law enforcement has produced significant advancements in law enforcement technology and performance. This issue also contains the usual brief descriptions of innovative technology developments and uses in forensics and law enforcement.

Date Published: August 1, 2018