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TECHBeat, March/April 2015

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Techbeat Dated: March/April 2015 Pages: 1-22
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April 2015
22 pages
Feature articles describe a camera system that provides a panoramic view for police; how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) assists faith-based organizations and first responders in forming partnerships; a phone app that enables citizens to alert law enforcement to trouble, and a phone app that answers questions about school safety.
"Camera System Provides Panoramic View for Police" describes a multiple-camera video system installed on Palo Alto (California) police cruisers to provide officers a broad view of activity surrounding the vehicle. The quality and range of the audio is also improved. "DHS Helps Faith-Based Organizations and First Responders Form Partnerships" describes the work of the DHS Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships in facilitating partnerships between faith-based organizations and first responders. These partnerships focus on services needed for a community affected by natural disasters and violence. "App Allows Citizens To Alert Law Enforcement and Each Other to Trouble" describes the features and functions of a free app that allows citizens to record crime or other emergencies and automatically upload the video to law enforcement agencies who participate. This allows responding officers the possibility of assessing the seriousness of the situation before arriving at the scene. The audio/video information recorded and sent through the app is automatically uploaded to a secure cloud-based server and cannot be deleted. "Safety Savvy App Provides the Answers to Your Questions" describes the features and functions of a free app for both Apple and Android phones that offers school safety-related information in topic areas that include safe travel to and from school, classroom safety, bullying awareness, peer relations, extracurricular activities, and online safety.

Date Published: April 1, 2015