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TECHBeat, October 2017

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October 2017
10 pages

Feature articles in this issue address the pooling of disaster resources, free software for testing computer forensics tools, prevention of hearing loss in firearms training, a 2017 resource guide for drugs of abuse, a website that targets college drug use, states' roles in school safety, and public safety technology in the news.


"Planning Tool Helps Agencies Pool Disaster Resources" profiles an online planning tool available to assist agencies in improving disaster preparedness and sharing resources across jurisdictions. "NIST Offers Free Software To Help Agencies Test Computer Forensics Tools" describes a tool available from the National Institute of Standards and Technology that enables agencies to test computer forensic tools on their own. "Firearms Training and Prevention of Hearing Loss" describes how three categories of hearing protection used in combination can prevent hearing loss due to firearms training noise. "2017 Drugs of Abuse Resource Guide" reviews the features of the 2017 reliable resources on the most commonly abused and misused drugs in the United States. "Website Targets College Drug Use" profiles a website that is a resource for professionals working to prevent drug abuse among college students. "Reports on School Safety Statistics and States' Roles in School Safety" provides information on how states can access statistics on school safety issues and other resources for states to use in promoting school safety. "Public Safety Technology in the News" reports on available resources and current events related to technology relevant to the enhancement of public safety.

Date Published: October 1, 2017