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TECHBeat, October 2019

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November 2019
25 pages
Feature articles in this issue address a police community relations program that improves public health, a "Brunch Patrol" that builds positive relationships between police and students, a program that provides a safe place to report hate crimes, the introduction of a workforce calculator, and the release of a report on police recruitment and retention.
"Badges for Basics Helps KCPD Community Rapport" describes a program in which Kansas City police assist a nonprofit organization in interacting with the public to provide much needed and often expensive hygiene items to persons at no charge. "Brunch Patrol Seeks to Build Positive Relationships Between Students, Police" describes a program in Normandy, Missouri, in which police share a free breakfast or lunch with students in high school cafeterias as a context for interacting with students. "Program Provides a Safe Place to Report Hate Crimes" describes the San Jose Police Department's participation in the Safe Place program that originated in Seattle in 2015. In this program, a police department recruits businesses and trains their employees in how to provide a safe place for victims of hate crimes to get help in reporting their victimization to police. "Forensic Technology Center of Excellence Introduces Workforce Calculator" profiles a calculator housed on the Center's website. It assists forensic laboratories in identifying the personnel required to support a given level of casework within each area of identification and the associated investment in capital equipment. "Police Executive Research Forum Releases Report on Police Recruitment and Retention" features the content of a report on the current nationwide crisis in recruiting and retaining law enforcement officers.

Date Published: November 1, 2019