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TECHBeat, Spring 2011

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Date Published
April 2011
16 pages

This publication is the quarterly newsletter of the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center.


Six articles provide information on technologies for public safety community and research efforts in government and private industry: 1) Keeping Track Under Adverse Conditions discusses coordination for the development of an advanced wireless tagging , tracking, and location technology system; 2) Proactive Planning for Active Shooter Situations describes how a Pennsylvania police department has crafted a program to educate community organizations, such as schools and hospitals, to help them prepare for a possible crisis situation; 3) Spreading the Word About Field Search discusses a suite of software products developed for use in the field by criminal justice professionals to search target computers and create a detailed reports of findings; 4) Center Offers Death Investigation Training examines the Medicolegal Death Investigation Training Program offered by the National Forensic Science Technology Center; 5) Camera System Stems Prison Violence, Saves $$ describes how a high-definition camera system installed in the Oklahoma County Detention Center has dramatically reduced prison violence, provided concrete evidence in cases involving inmates, and demonstrates the potential to save the county millions of dollars; and 6) Baiting a Bicycle Thief details how the University of California Santa Barbara police are deploying a bait bike fitted with Global Position System technology to deter and apprehend bicycle thieves on campus. Also included is a section on technology news summary called Tech Shorts.

Date Published: April 1, 2011