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Technology Transfer of Forensic Document Analysis System: Final Report

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Date Published
October 2009
17 pages
This report describes the features and outcomes of a project intended to make more accessible and usable for questioned document (QD) examiners a prototype software system (called CEDAR-FOX) that has assembled computer algorithms for handwriting analysis.
The primary outreach to forensic examiners was through workshops, presentations, and exhibits in trade shows. The CEDAR-FOX was demonstrated to the QD community at national events. In some of the forums, the participants were able to experiment with the software using a hands-on approach to test its capabilities. At other events, presenters explained the functions and benefits of the software. The project also engaged in software testing, the development of a user manual, and making software updates available for download. The latter efforts have resulted in a more user friendly system, several licensees for the software, a Web site from which a significant number of software downloads have occurred, and an increased awareness of the existence of this tool by the QD examiner community. Valuable feedback for further improvement of the software system has also been received. This project could serve as a model for other forensic disciplines in bridging the gap between research and practice. The various events in which CEDAR-Fox presentations were given are listed and described. 4 references and appended CEDAR-FOX screen shots

Date Published: October 1, 2009