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Through-the-Wall Sensors for Law Enforcement, Market Survey

NCJ Number
Date Published
October 2012
31 pages
This report provides a survey of available Through-the-Wall Sensors (TTWS) equipment and its operational capabilities and limitations (as reported by manufacturers).
This information provides individuals and organizations with a better understanding of the capabilities and limitations of available TTWS equipment. The NIJ-sponsored Sensors and Surveillance Technology Working Group (TWG) has identified a technology need for first responders to be able to sense the presence of persons through visually obscure barriers. The ability to sense the presence of individuals through common building materials can be useful during rescue operations, law enforcement operations and other tactical scenarios. Firefighters could use the ability to detect individuals to more quickly clear dangerous areas (e.g., buildings that are on fire could be more quickly checked for trapped survivors), rescue personnel could use TTWS to more easily locate survivors after a building collapse and law enforcement personnel could use TTWS to enhance situational awareness during tactical operations (e.g., building clearance, hostage threat situations). The information provided in this report will help individuals and organizations identify a more optimal system based on their particular needs and requirements. Tables, figures, and appendixes

Date Published: October 1, 2012