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Tribal Crime Data Collection Activities, 2016-2018

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July 2018
8 pages
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Statistics, Report (Summary), Report (Annual/Periodic), Program/Project Description
This report summarizes BJS's efforts related to its tribal data collection system during fiscal years 2016-2018, in compliance with the 2010 Tribal Law and Order Act, which requires BJS to establish and implement a tribal data collection system; consult with Indian tribes to establish this data collection system, and annually report to Congress the data collected and analyzed.
Indian country includes federally recognized reservations, tribal communities, and identified trust lands. Major sections of this report address tribal data collections during fiscal years 20160-2018, state and local justice agencies serving tribal lands, tribal participation in national records and information systems, and federal justice statistics. Tribal data collections during fiscal years 2016-2018 encompass the Census of Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies, the National Survey of Tribal Court Systems, and the Survey of Jails in Indian Country. The report on tribal participation in national records and information systems indicates that since 2009, BJS has improved tribal participation in national record and information systems by expanding tribal eligibility for funding under the national Criminal History Improvement Program and the National Instant Criminal Background Check System Act Record Improvement Program. These efforts continued in FY 2018. The Federal Justice Statistics Program (FJSP) provides annual data on workload, activities, and outcomes associated with federal criminal cases. It obtains information on all aspects of processing in the federal justice system, including arrests, initial prosecutorial decisions, referrals to courts or magistrates, court dispositions, sentencing outcomes, sentence length, and time served. 1 table and a listing of previously released reports of BJS's tribal data collection system
Date Created: July 31, 2018