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Tribal Crime Data Collection Activities, 2017

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July 2017
7 pages
Devon Adams; Todd Minton; Mark Motivans; Steven W. Perry; Howard Snyder; Suzanne Strong
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Report (Technical), Report (Annual/Periodic), Program/Project Description, Legislation/Policy Analysis
This report by the U.S. Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) summarizes its activities and statistics in fiscal year 2017 related to its legislative mandate to develop and report data for an Indian tribal crime data collection system.
The Federal Tribal Law and Order Act (TLOA) of 2010 requires BJS to 1) establish and implement a tribal data-collection system; 2) consult with Indian tribes to establish and implement this data-collection system; and 3) annually report to Congress the data collected and analyzed. The report on tribal data-collection activities summarizes the findings of BJS's Survey of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies Serving Tribal Land, the Survey of State and Local Prosecutor Offices Serving Tribal Lands, the Census of Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies, and the National Survey of Tribal Court Systems. This report also reviews tribal participation in national records and information systems, and it reports BJS's most recent statistical findings on jails in Indian country and the American Indian/Alaska Native population in the Federal justice system. Other information provided in this report are how to access tribal information on BJS.gov, the type of courts where crimes occurring on tribal lands are prosecuted, and the ability of State and local prosecutors to track cases that occur on tribal lands separately from crimes occurring elsewhere in their jurisdiction. 1 table and a listing of previously released BJS reports under TLOA mandates
Date Created: July 27, 2017