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Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts: Treatment Guidelines (2nd Edition)

NCJ Number
Mark E. Panasiewicz; Rebecca S. Panasiewicz; Lauren van Schilfgaarde
Date Published
November 2017
119 pages
This report, which was initially published in 2003 and updated in 2014, contains key components and recommended practices for tribal justice systems to consider in designing, developing, and implementing a tribal healing to wellness court that meets the needs of their communities.
An overview of tribal healing to wellness courts discusses the history of the drug court movement and the adaptation of the drug court model for tribal justice systems. It provides an overview of some of the critical issues and challenges faced by tribal healing to wellness courts, including the incorporation of tribal customs and tradition, addressing the high volume of alcohol abuse cases, and identifying jurisdictional and resource limitations. After the overview of critical issues and challenges, the second section of this report provides an overview of key wellness court processes and procedures. Other sections focus on key issues in developing treatment, the development of a wellness court treatment program, adapting state drug court treatment components, special considerations for treatment services, and aftercare planning. Appended glossary and resource materials

Date Published: November 1, 2017