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Using the Polygraph (From Managing Adult Sex Offenders: A Containment Approach, P 15.1-15.18, 1996, Kim English, Suzanne Pullen, and Linda Jones, eds. - See NCJ-162392)

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The use of polygraph monitoring in managing sex offenders in the community is discussed, with emphasis on the use of the polygraph in two jurisdictions and issues related to data reliability and examiner accountability.
Site visits conducted as part of NIJ-sponsored research on the management of sex offenders revealed the necessity of including polygraph monitoring in a systematic effort to contain sex offenders' behavior. Polygraphs can take 1-4 hours to conduct and must be administered by a qualified examiner with special training regarding sex offenses. One of the first probation officers to use the polygraph in a comprehensive sex offender management program, Sam Olsen, has use the polygraph in Oregon since 1982. Colorado probation officer Greg Brown is also experienced in using polygraphs. Their experience and data from other programs indicate that specific policies and guidelines should be developed to direct the use of polygraphs, and that examiners should be qualified and experienced. Results from the test should be used in conjunction with other information when making decisions about case management of sex offenders. Footnotes and 17 references

Date Published: January 1, 1996