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Victim, Perpetrator, and Incident Characteristics of Sexual Victimization of Youth in Juvenile Facilities, 2018 - Statistical Tables

NCJ Number
Date Published
November 2020
13 pages
Michael B. Field; Elizabeth Davis
Publication Type
Survey, Statistics, Report (Annual/Periodic)
Based on data from the U.S. Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics' (BJS') 2018 National Survey of Youth in Custody, conducted from March to December 2018, this report describes victim, perpetrator, and incident characteristics of sexual victimization of youth in juvenile facilities.
The survey was conducted in 327 facilities that housed juveniles, including 217 state-owned or state-operated facilities and 110 locally or privately operated facilities that held state-placed youth under contract. The statistical tables are presented in two major sections. One section contains demographics and characteristics of youth who reported having been sexually victimized in the 12 months prior to the survey. It also includes information on the number of incidents experienced in the last 12 months, whether the victim was physically injured in any of the incidents, when the first incident occurred, and any prior contact or relationships between the victim and perpetrator. The second major section of statistical tables addresses perpetrator and incident characteristics for the most serious incident of sexual victimization in the 12 months prior to the survey. A higher percentage of males (6.1 percent) than females (2.9 percent) reported staff sexual misconduct. A higher percentage of female (4.7 percent) than male (1.6 percent) youth reported youth on youth victimization. In most serious incidents of staff sexual misconduct, an estimated 91 percent of incidents involved only female staff, and 5 percent involved only male staff. Fifty-one percent of youth who reported prior sexual victimization in another juvenile facility also reported sexual victimization in their current facility. 8 tables
Date Created: November 24, 2020