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Violence in the Workplace, 1993-99

NCJ Number
Date Published
December 2001
13 pages
Detis T. Duhart Ph.D.
Publication Series
This report presents data for the 1993 through 1999 from the National Crime Victimization Survey estimating the extend of workplace crime in the United States.
The report describes the different types of workplace crimes, their frequency of occurrence, the characteristics of the victims and offenders, victimization by profession, the victim/offender relationship, and how many of these victimizations are reported to law enforcement. Data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics Census of fatal Occupational injuries are also included to describe the nature of work–related homicide. The report examines workplace victimizations both as trends from 1993 to 1999 and in the aggregate. Highlights include the following: Of the occupations examined, police officers experienced workplace violent crime at rates higher than all other occupations (261 per 1,000 persons). Most workplace victimizations were intraracial. About 6 in 10 white and Black victims of workplace crime perceived their assailant to be of the same race. More than 80 percent of all workplace homicides were committed with a firearm. 21 tables

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