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Violent Crime

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April 1994
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The 1992 National Crime Victimization Survey (NVCS), sponsored by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, reported 6.6 million violent crime victimizations, including 141,000 rapes, 1.2 million robberies, and 5.3 million assaults.
During the year, 4.9 million households (5 percent) had a member victimized by violence. Violent crime rates in 1992 did not change from 1991 and were 9 percent below 1981. The rates declined partially because older persons, who experienced less violent crime than younger persons, comprised an increasing proportion of the population. The percentage of households who had been victimized by violence other than homicide (5 percent) was the lowest recorded since 1975, although the violent crime rate for blacks was the highest ever recorded. Young people between 16 and 24 years of age consistently had the highest violent crime rates. Teenage black males had the highest victimization rate (113 per 1,000), while elderly white females had the lowest rate (3 per 1,000). More than 2.5 million women experienced violence, men had higher overall victimization rates than women (40 versus 25 per 1,000), women were about equally as likely to be victimized by an intimate or relative, and men were more likely to be victimized by a stranger or acquaintance. The proportion of victimizations resulting in injuries increased by 10 percent between 1973 and 1991. On average, 2.2 million crime victims were injured yearly; 51 percent required medical attention, 19 percent were treated at an emergency room, and 4 percent required hospitalization for more than one night. About 3 of 10 injured victims did not have health insurance. Violent crime victims lost $1.4 billion in direct costs in 1992, violent crime victims suffered some economic loss in 23 percent of victimizations, and victims lost an average of $206 per violent incident. Of 23,760 murders reported by law enforcement agencies in 1992, over 68 percent were committed with firearms. Handguns were used in about 13 percent of all violent crimes. Inner cities had the highest per capita violent crime rates. Victims took measures to protect themselves in 71 percent of violent victimizations, but only about half of violent crimes were reported to the police. 6 references, 2 tables, and 4 figures
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