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Violent Felons in Large Urban Counties

NCJ Number
Date Published
July 2006
12 pages
Brian A Reaves Ph.D.
Publication Series
This report presents data collected from a representative sample of felony cases that resulted in a felony conviction for a violent offense in 40 of the Nation’s 75 largest counties.
The study tracks cases for up to 1 year from the date of filing through final disposition. Defendants convicted of murder, rape, robbery, assault, or other violent felonies are described in terms of demographic characteristics (gender, race, Hispanic origin, and age), prior arrests and convictions, criminal justice status at time of arrest, type of pretrial release or detention, type of adjudication, and sentence received. Highlights from the report include: (1) 36 percent of violent felons had an active criminal justice status at the time of their arrest, this included 18 percent on probation, 12 percent on release pending disposition of a prior case, and 75 percent of parole; (2) a majority (56 percent) of violent felons had a prior conviction record, 38 percent had prior felony conviction, and 15 percent had a previous conviction for a violent felony; and (3) 81 percent of violent felons were sentenced to incarceration with 50 percent going to prison and 31 percent to jail and 19 percent received a probation term without incarceration. Tables and appendix

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