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Wall Smoke Deposition from a Hot Smoke Layer

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Fire Technology Journal Dated: May 30, 2012 Pages: 1-15
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15 pages

Smoke deposition from a hot smoke layer onto wall surfaces was studied in a hood apparatus using polymethylmethacrylate, polypropylene, and gasoline as fuels. 


Based upon prior analysis by Butler and Mulholland, the smoke deposition was expected to be dominated by thermophoresis. The deposited smoke samples were collected on glass filter paper attached to the hood wall, and the mass per unit area of smoke deposited was measured gravimetrically. Measurements were made of quantities required for the prediction of thermophoretic smoke deposition. The smoke deposition measured in the experimental program was well predicted by the thermophoretic smoke deposition equation. The thermophoretic smoke deposition equation was found to be suitable for predicting smoke deposition onto wall surfaces exposed to fire environments. (publisher abstract modified)

Date Published: January 1, 2012