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Why Law Enforcement Agencies Need an Analytical Function

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December 2007
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This brief document provides nine reasons for why analysis is an integral part of every major investigation that a law enforcement agency opens.


This document lays out nine ways in which analytical functions benefit law enforcement agencies, noting that an analytical function will organize critical pieces of data and create valuable and meaningful products to assist law enforcement in solving cases and prosecuting criminals. The nine reasons for having an analytical function include paragraph-long explanations. These reasons are: it helps solve criminal investigations; increases the ability to prosecute criminals; supports the chief executive and the agency’s mission; proactively informs law enforcement officers of crime trends and develops threat, vulnerability, and risk assessments; trains law enforcement and other intelligence personnel; assists in the development of computerized databases to organize information and intelligence; fosters meaningful relationships with other law enforcement personnel; ensures compliance with local, state, tribal, and federal laws and regulations; and provides support to fusion centers.

Date Published: December 1, 2007