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Trauma-Responsive CVI Practice: What Does It Mean and What Does It Look Like?

Eddie Bocanegra, Senior Advisor, Office of the Assistant Attorney General, Office of Justice Programs; Kris Rose, Director, Office for Victims of Crime; Fatimah Dreier, Executive Director, The Health Alliance for Violence Intervention; Kateri Chapman-Kramer, Project Manager, Life Outside of Violence Program; Aswad Thomas, Vice President, Alliance for Safety and Justice; Lisa Good, Executive Director, Urban Grief

Held November 9, 2022, this webinar brought together a diverse panel of community violence intervention (CVI) practitioners to discuss trauma, how it impacts communities, and how it affects those who support victims of violence. CVI leaders spoke about successful trauma-informed approaches that use hospitals, credible messengers, and other partners to support crime victims and survivors. The webinar also examined how groups working in the CVI space can become trauma-informed organizations that employ policies to support staff resiliency and mitigate the effects of trauma exposure.

This is the third webinar in the Implementing Community Based Violence Intervention Strategies series, a 5-part webinar series which will deliver information on a wide range of issues important to successfully implementing CVI strategies.

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Date Published: November 9, 2022