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52 Additional Reference Population Samples for the 55 AISNP Panel

NCJ Number
Forensic Science International-Genetics Volume: 19 Dated: November 2015 Pages: 269-271
A. J. Pakstis; E. Haigh; L. Cherni; A. B.A. ElGaaied; A. Barton; B. Evsanaa; A. Togtokh; J. Brissenden; J. Roscoe; O. Bulbul; G. Filoglu; C. Gurkan; K. A. Meiklejohn; J. M. Robertson; C. X. Li; Y. L. Wei; H. Li; U. Soundararajan; H. Rajeevan; J. R. Kidd; K. K. Kidd
Date Published
November 2015
3 pages
This project added reference population allele frequencies for 52 population samples to the 73 previously entered, so that there are now allele frequencies publicly available in ALFRED and FROG-kb for a total of 125 population samples.
Ancestry inference for a person using a panel of SNPs depends on the variation of frequencies of those SNPs around the world and the amount of reference data available for calculation/comparison. The Kidd Lab panel of 55 AISNPs has been incorporated in commercial kits by both Life Technologies and Illumina for massively parallel sequencing. Therefore, a larger set of reference populations will be useful for researchers using those kits. (Publisher abstract modified)