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Acute Traumatic Stress Management: Empowering Educators During Traumatic Event

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Mark D. Lerner, Ph.D.; Joseph S. Volpe, Ph.D.; Brad Lindell, Ph.D.
Date Published
113 pages
This guide from the Institute for Traumatic Stress presents information for educators on responding to traumatic school events.
This guide was developed by the Institute for Traumatic Stress to enable educators to respond effectively to traumatic school events. The guide presents a brief introduction of the types of traumatic events that can affect schools, teachers, and students at any given time. These events include student deaths as a result of suicide or motor vehicle accidents, violence against teachers, the use of weapons on school property by students or others, and natural disasters. This guide presents information on how administrators and staff can effectively respond to these situations, who experiences traumatic stress during these situations, and the different levels of stress usually caused by these events. The information provided in this guide is presented in 11 primary chapters that cover: The School Crisis Response Team; The Crisis Response Team in Action; Acute Traumatic Stress Management for Educators; Age-Appropriate Reactions & Specific Intervention Strategies; Practical Information Concerning Grief Counseling; Managing "Everyday Crises" in the School Setting; A Perspective on Preventing School Violence; Managing Disturbing Threats in Our Schools; A Theoretical Perspective on Preventing Disturbing Threats; Helping Ourselves in the Aftermath of a School-Based Crisis; and Practical Documents for use by administrators in responding to traumatic events. References