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ADAM II 2012 Annual Report: Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Program II

NCJ Number
Date Published
May 2013
148 pages
This panel of data provides significant trends in the use of a range of drugs by an important population of users reaching back over a decade.
The Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring II (ADAM II) 2012 is a collection of interview and bioassay data provided by over 3,000 arrestees from 5 county sites within the United States. The ADAM II program monitors drug use and related behaviors (treatment experiences, housing stability, drug market activity, age at first use, employment, etc.) in a probability based sample of male adult arrestees within 48 hours of their arrest. The samples from these sites were weighted to represent over 14,000 arrests of adult males in the 5 counties. The five ADAM II sites for 2012 were: Atlanta, GA (Fulton County and the City of Atlanta); Chicago, IL (Cook County); Denver, CO (Denver County); New York, NY (Borough of Manhattan); and Sacramento, CA (Sacramento County). Data collected from 1,938 interviews and 1,736 urine tests that were conducted 21-day period, between April 30 and July 29, 2012. ADAM II data include official records, arrestee responses from a 20-minute face-to-face interview, and results from voluntary urine samples which tested for the presence of nine different drugs. Identifying information on the arrestees was not retained or shared with law enforcement. Demographic variables include age, gender, race, arrest date and time, county of arrest, number and type(s) of offense(s), education, work status, and language of interview. Tables, figures, and appendixes