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Advanced Vehicle Stop Tactics: Skills for Today's Survival Conscious Officer

NCJ Number
Michael T. Rayburn
Date Published
120 pages
This book is a comprehensive manual for police officers on survival skills and life-saving tactics during vehicle stops.
A must read reference and self-protection tool, this book assists police officers in mastering the tactics of low/unknown risk stops, low risk motorcycle stops, low risk bus stops, low risk semi-truck stops, high risk stops, and high risk tactics for other vehicles, such as motorcycle or van/camper. The tactics in each of these vehicle stop scenarios include, but are not limited to the positioning of the police vehicle, pullover procedures, stopping location, exiting the police vehicle, definition and understanding of high risk stops, surveillance, initial communications, removing vehicle occupants, verbal commands, and clearing the trunk of the vehicle. Traffic stops are a necessary and daily part of any police officer’s job, from enforcing a simple traffic violation to investigating a crime. All traffic stops have the potential for danger. An officer’s tactics must be guided by common sense while maintaining personal safety at all times. This manual is considered as a general guideline. A certain vehicle stop tactic may or may not work for certain officers or situations. A police officer must understand that a vehicle stop can escalate from low risk to high risk stop in a matter of seconds. Diagrams and photographs