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Agency's Use of Technology Best Practices & Policies Toolkit

NCJ Number
Date Published
October 2014
1 page
Online technical assistance resources are provided for technology used in domestic violence programs, sexual assault crisis centers, and victim service agencies that offer support for survivors.
One topic addressed is safety and privacy tips for general technology. Issues discussed are technology safety for programs and assessing for technology abuse. Another section of this toolkit proposes best practice and policies for devices and hardware. Issues discussed are shelter computer best practices, best practices for faxes, and tips for the use of video cameras. A third section provides guidance for using technology to provide services. Subjects addressed are issues to consider when offering services that use technology, best practices in the use of mobile computing devices, best practices in texting with survivors, best practices in phone communications, best practice in e-mailing, and best practices in the use of cell phones. Confidentiality and privacy in database management are discussed in another section Resources for data management focus on selecting a database, a checklist for data security, tips for Cloud computing, and issues related to data retention and deletion. The concluding section of the toolkit features online safety tips for victim service agencies. Issues discussed are the use of the Internet, a guide for social media policy, and confidential shelter locations and the use of the Internet.