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Alberta Gang Reduction Strategy

NCJ Number
Date Published
November 2010
51 pages
This report presents the gang reduction strategy employed by law enforcement agencies in Alberta, Canada.
The Alberta Gang Reduction Strategy is a comprehensive, long-term approach to combating gang crime in Alberta, and is intended to be used as a blue-print by law enforcement agencies, community-based organizations, provincial services, and other community partners in suppressing gang activity and reducing the influence of gangs in the community. The strategy will be accomplished through two goals: 1) reduce gang-related crime and violence in Alberta, and 2) strengthen ongoing efforts to develop an integrated, comprehensive, and sustainable approach to gang suppression. Background information on gangs and gang-related crime and violence in Alberta is discussed, along with the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders. Five strategic directions are listed under each goal; these directions are presented in detail, along with specific actions that can be taken by stakeholders to follow the directions. The intended outcomes from following the strategic directions and reaching the goals of the Alberta Gang Reduction Strategy are also discussed and include: for goal 1 - gangs unable to recruit new members, gang violence suppressed in Alberta, and effective prosecution of complex gang files; and for goal 2 - community mobilization and integration of community resources, sustainable and effective gang enforcement, and effective anti-gang programs in place within Aboriginal, immigrant, and refugee communities. Appendix and bibliography