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Alcohol, Anger & Abuse: Understanding the Relationship Between Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse, and Child Abuse and Neglect

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Stephen J. Bavolek Ph.D.
Date Published
31 pages
This workbook provides comprehensive data and information pertinent to understanding the relationship between alcohol and other drug abuse and child abuse and neglect.
The workbook first defines child abuse and neglect as well as types of child maltreatment, followed by data and information on the extent of the problem. Other data indicate the percentage of victims by type of maltreatment and the percentage of victims by sex, race, and type of perpetrator. In moving to a discussion of the links between alcohol and other drug abuse and child abuse and neglect, the workbook lists the five categories of commonly used and abused drugs, reviews the incidence of alcohol abuse, and outlines the effects of alcohol on the body and the social-personal consequences of alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Eleven similarities between substance abuse and child abuse are listed, followed by a summary of how parenting is learned. A general discussion of how people learn as well as how self-concept and self-esteem are formed is provided. After a discussion of the disinhibiting effects of alcohol, the links between alcohol and anger are reviewed. How behavior linked to alcohol and drug effects leads to child abuse and neglect is then discussed, followed by a listing of stress factors related to drug abuse. Other topics addressed in the workbook are alcohol and other drug abuse theories, characteristics of alcohol abusers, facts and figures on pregnant/postpartum women and their infants, children of alcoholics, primary prevention programs and strategies, and basic resistance skills.