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Alienation: A Cause of Juvenile Delinquency

NCJ Number
Adolescence Volume: 25 Issue: 98 Dated: (Summer 1990) Pages: 435-440
R L Calabrese; J Adams
Date Published
6 pages
This research investigated differences in levels of alienation between incarcerated (n=157) and nonincarcerated (n=1318) adolescents. It was hypothesized that incarcerated adolescents would have significantly higher levels of isolation, normlessness, powerlessness, and total alienation than would nonincarcerated adolescents.
The Dean Alienation Scale, a global measure of alienation, was administered to all subjects. Results indicated that incarcerated adolescents had significantly higher levels of total alienation, isolation, and powerlessness. Given the high rates of recidivism, these results suggest that the reduction of both alienation and rejection of societal norms should be a major component of rehabilitation programs for incarcerated juvenile delinquents. 23 references. (Publisher abstract)