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American Juror

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Intended for prospective jurors in Manatee County, Fla., this video explains the various aspects of court procedures pertinent to juror selection, trial participation, deliberation, and decisionmaking.
Using lecture and dramatizations of the court procedures being described, prospective jurors are given information basic to their responsibilities should they be selected as jurors. The narrator first explains how prospective jurors are selected, what to expect from the experience, whom to contact if they have questions, how to dress for courtroom proceedings, and the compensation they will receive. The differences between civil and criminal cases are then discussed, followed by profiles of the various court personnel. The selection of sitting jurors from prospective jurors is explained, along with the swearing in of the jury. A juror's responsibility to act fairly and impartially is emphasized, along with the importance of maintaining confidentiality (i.e., refusing to talk about the trial with anyone until after case termination). The nature of evidence, including witness testimony, is addressed, along with the trial format and degree of proof required in civil and criminal cases. Other topics considered are jury instructions, principles of deliberation, and how to handle differences of opinion. The video concludes with a reminder of the importance of jury duty.


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