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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Combating Criminal Narcotics Activity Along the Southern Border July 2009-September 2013, Final Report

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Date Published
March 2014
11 pages
This report provides data and information on grants appropriated under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), specifically those grants awarded under the ARRA's section called Combating Criminal Narcotics Activity Stemming From the Southern Border of the United States (CCNA).
In 2009, Congress appropriated $30 million in funding to the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) for the implementation of the CCNA. OJP designated $29.7 million for program grants and $300,000 for the National Institute of Justice to evaluate the performance of grantee programs. Key objectives of the CCNA grant program were to combat criminal narcotics activity along the U.S. southern border; improve local jails, community corrections, and detention operations in jurisdictions along the southern border; facilitate justice information sharing, collaboration, and problemsolving; and provide national training and technical assistance for criminal justice personnel working in jurisdictions along the southern border. Based on grantee performance reports, 1,644 drug trafficking organizations were disrupted or dismantled since July 2009. From July 2009 to September 2013, 3,817 drug-related investigations led to arrests or convictions. Since July 2009, just over 3 million kilograms of drugs were seized. Approximately $37.6 million of assets were seized, with cash seizures accounting for 80 percent of this amount. Across quarters, the average reduction rate in community correctional officer caseloads increased. There were 16,800 new database inquiries and approximately 17.5 million new database submissions. A total of 288 leads were referred by grantees to other agencies. 7 tables and 3 figures