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Anabolic Steroid Abuse and Violence

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B Maycock; A Beel
Date Published
Anabolic steroids are discussed with respect to their nature; their use in Australia; methods of obtaining and using them; and their effects, including their relationship to increased aggression and violence.
Estimates of use from national drug surveys indicate that 3 percent of those ages 14 years and over have used anabolic steroids at some time in their lives. The available research indicates that chronic high doses of anabolic steroids are more likely to increase the risk or aggressive or violent behavior than to leave it unaffected. Studies that have indicated a negative relationship between steroids and aggression have generally involved small doses of steroids. However, it is possible that anabolic steroid use produces aggressive or violent behavior only in persons already predisposed to such behavior. It is also possible that at least some of the aggressive behavior of those who use anabolic steroids arises from subcultural influences rather than from the pharmacological effects of the drugs themselves. Notes and 83 references