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Annual Report on School Safety, 1999

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Date Published
November 1999
73 pages
This document describes the nature and extent of crime and violence on school property and successful programs to combat this problem.
Chapter 1 provides a national perspective on school crime and safety issues. It examines data on homicides and suicides at school, injuries at school, crimes against students, crimes against teachers, weapons at school, the consequences of bringing firearms to school, and student perceptions of school safety. It also includes an international perspective on school violence and a discussion of hate crime and harassment legislation. Chapter 2 describes a collaborative, problem-solving model that 54 communities are putting into practice. These communities will receive grants under a new initiative entitled Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative. The initiative promotes strategies that provide students, schools, and communities with enhanced educational, mental health, social service, law enforcement, and juvenile justice services. Chapter 3 presents information on school violence prevention and programs that have demonstrated effectiveness and can be implemented. The programs included are intended to complement, not replace, those programs described in a previous report. Chapter 4 provides resources for more information about school safety and crime issues, including organizations, Web sites, listserves, videos, Federal resources, and publications. School profiles focus on several schools that are doing an excellent job of creating and maintaining safe environments.