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Arizona Youth Survey Youth Gambling 2010

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56 pages
This report summarizes findings from the 2010 Arizona Youth Survey (AYS) that pertain to gambling among 8th, 10th, and 12th grade students.
The 2010 AYS contained 10 questions that asked students how often they had done any of the following for money, possessions, or anything of value: played a slot machine, poker machine, or other gambling machine; played the lottery or scratch-off tickers; bet on sports; played cards; bought a raffle ticket; played bingo; gambled on the Internet; bet on dice games such as craps; bet on games of personal skill such as pool or a video game; and bet on a horse or other animal race. Based on their responses, respondents were divided into three groups: non-gamblers, infrequent gamblers ("before but not in the past year"), and frequent gamblers ("Once or twice a month," Once or twice a week," or "Almost every day"). The charts presented show not only data on youths' response to the gambling questions, but also to questions on substance use (alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs), where youth obtained alcohol, and school safety. The report also provides information on the risk-and-protective-factor model of prevention, the community data project, and the Arizona Substance Abuse Partnership. Extensive tables and figures